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 You still the hunger of those you cherish.’ Ps. 17:14


Mission Statement 


  • Our aim is to provide a Recovery Programme for people with mental health needs.
  • To provide a supportive environment within which individuals can work together to overcome dysfunctional life patterns and negative cycles of behaviour and thinking.
  • To enable people to reach their full potential and take an active role within society, including stable relationships, and engaged in work or education.
  • To build self-esteem, and reduce the stigma and isolation associated with mental illness.


Where are we coming from?


  • We believe that God values 'free will' and we therefore respect and defend everyone's right to be free to believe and worship as they choose.
  • We believe that learning to live a life that is dependent on God is the best way to overcome negative patterns of thinking and dysfunctional behaviour.
  • We believe as Christians that it is possible to have a new beginning; nothing is too difficult to overcome, nobody is too damaged, to be able to walk free in the love of God.