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Blue Room by Beverley Hutton

Blue Room is the story of a young girl’s personal struggle to overcome anorexia and severe mental illness.  We are taken on a journey through the horrors of life within the confines of a secure psychiatric hospital. Through a series of traumatic flashbacks, we move back in time to explore the roots of the illness.   Eventually, following a remarkable train of dramatic events, true liberation takes place.  

Beverley shows us that it is possible to overcome even the most hopeless of situations.  She shows how it is possible to overcome irrational patterns of thinking and behaviour through the process of renewing your mind.


Read what others have said:

‘This book gives a contemporary reminder of God’s ancient power to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.  As a doctor in general practice it can be difficult to gain insight into some conditions that rarely present in a straightforward manner and I therefore feel that this book will be a valuable resource to all those working in the medical professions.’  Dr Davies

“This book was so deeply moving and so honestly shared it really must be shared with others.  It not only gives hope, but it demonstrates the depth and power of God’s love and deliverance that is available to all.  I want others to receive the blessings we received and the sense we had touched something very sacred and special…” R Patterson

“ I found this book a very interesting and unusual experience and I am sure that many sufferers may well find it helpful...” Dr K Tchanturia, Institute of Psychiatry

‘This is very likely to be the most important and helpful book for Christian people with eating disorders ever to go into print.’ Rev Pads Dolphin