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We wanted to offer this Recovery Programme as a positive response to the lack of resources available for those struggling to deal with mental health problems on a daily basis.  By setting up an effective independent structured day programme that involves both the church and the local GP there is an opportunity to meet the needs of those that are often the hardest to support, offering quality and effective rehabilitation.

So what might this Recovery Programme have to offer?  As the name implies:

  • It’s structured,
  • It happens daily
  • It involves change
  • It is a program requiring commitment.

The vision here in Reading was to open a centre within which people can support each other as they seek to change old patterns of negative thinking and dysfunctional behaviour within a caring environment and from a Christian perspective.

Change can seem daunting and sometimes a person is not ready to change their lifestyle.  We want to be loving enough to accept that fact, while continuing to work with those who are thinking about change to help stimulate motivation and engagement. We believe the desire to change is facilitated by a sense of feeling welcomed, loved, valued, and an awareness that there is an alternative way to live.


Our name:  Still the Hunger


'You still the hunger of those you cherish' is found in Psalm 17:14 in the Bible.  This verse offers the perspective that God can meet all our 'inner cravings'.